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Horus Firm is a team of experts in taxation, accounting, HR services and legal matters, and we are passionate about getting to know our customers and their needs and helping them to develop their business and succeed.

Our mission is to offer high-quality, highly personalised services and comprehensive solutions that make managing your business easier and improve results whilst constantly striving for excellence through a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Our vision is to be recognised as a firm that generates trust and satisfaction. Flexible, efficient and trustworthy are the words we want to hear from our clients when they describe us.

Our core values are dedication, consistent personalised service, reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

Horus Firm was created to attend to clients with the highest expectations and resolve business matters that require great expertise. Our aim is to help those businesses. Our staff are all highly qualified and are happy to attend to our clients in a range of languages, whether it be English, Italian, French, Spanish or Catalan.
We know the importance of good communication, and this is why we are able to resolve the issues that many businesses face when establishing themselves in Spain. Through effective communication, we build good relationships with our clients to meet their high expectations and provide excellent services in terms of tax advice, accounting, HR services and legal services. We put our clients and their needs at the very heart of everything we do, keeping ourselves constantly up to date and always striving for excellence in our day to day work.
Our clients choose us because of our dedication, flexibility, technical ability, honesty, transparency, knowledge, ability to solve problems and our passion for our work, all of which we aim to channel into our personal and professional growth.

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Meet Our Team

CEO - Javier Nuñez

Francisco Javier Nuñez Zorrilla, a natural entrepreneur who designed, launched and leads the business.

He is committed to helping businesses and self-employed workers achieve their goals, accompanying them in the development of their projects and always looking for continuous improvement.

There are many ways to help people, and what better way than by helping them to realise the business project of their dreams and be successful.

Javier has a degree in Business Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University, a degree in Business Management and Administration from the Open University of Catalonia and a master’s degree in Tax Consultancy from the Centre for Financial Studies and Madrid Open University.

Tax and Accounting Consultant – Jose Garrochena

Tax and Accounting Consultant – Enric Morata

Tax and Accounting Consultant – Jordi Ramirez

Tax & Accounting Consultant – David Ortiz

Accounting Consultant – Ivanova Ruiz

Asesora Contable – Raquel Picó

Tax & Accounting Consultant – LISA VALERIA ODRIOZOLA

Tax & Accounting Consultant – Carola Cecilia Malica

Lawyer – Jose Mª Solano

Tax & Accounting Consultant – Andrea Osorio

Tax & Accounting Consultant – Belén Nocetti

Tax & Accounting Consultant – Jordi Manich

Business Developer – Carlos Abenia

Marketing – Toni Masero

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